2019 UCSC iGEM Team

UCSC iGEM 2019 Team Picture


iGEM is an international competition dedicated to education and the advancement of synthetic biology. For this year’s team, we have assembled an interdisciplinary group of 16 undergraduates with the common goal of creating a better world through science and engineering.

This project presents an unparalleled opportunity for talented students to gain hands-on experience, as well as learn to collaborate and communicate effectively in large team environments. The students lead, design, and built the project themselves, and in doing so, develop the critical analytical and independent problem-solving skills that are difficult to cultivate within the classroom. The project also calls upon a wide array of disciplines, such as microbial engineering, bioinformatics, bioreactor design, and finance, which grant students a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to complete ambitious projects in a real-world environment.

Lastly, we are not just completing a project--we’re building a team. The dedicated students of the iGEM team are working 40+ hours each week, and are developing their project management and teamwork skills all the while. We believe that through the ambitious projects of today, we are building the leaders and scientific innovators of tomorrow.  

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